Frequently Asked Questions

An Intergroup Rep is an elected representative from their home group who brings the groups conscious to Intergroup. This creates a direct link between groups and their local central office. 

As an Intergroup representative you will attend the monthly Intergroup meeting. At this meeting each Rep provides a short summary of how their group is doing, as well as listen to the Operations Committee reports and vote on any motions that are brought forward. The Rep then updates their home group on what occurred. 

Speak with your home group! We encourage all groups to have a representative. This is so your group has a voice in Intergroup operations and direction.  Then attend a Intergroup meeting, If you are a new Rep, contact our Office if you have any questions. 

Intergroup Meetings

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 6pm on Zoom, unless that day is a holiday in which case it would be the following week. Intergroup does not meet in July or August.

Next Meeting: December, 14th 2022 @ 6pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 821 6666 5997
Password: Intergroup

Group Reports

Each A.A group submits a monthly report that is is presented at the Intergroup Meeting.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about being an Intergroup rep, connect with our office.