Small Acts of Service

Service can seem like an overwhelming part of recovery, usually because we believe it requires endless time and commitment. It doesn’t have to do either.

Here are some easy forms of service to get you started working Step 12.

Ask the newcomer or the member who is struggling to coffee and get a few more to join in – more if it’s fun – and it will be. 40-60 minutes.

Help to set up and/or tear down the meeting. You’ll enjoy the meeting before and after. 30-60 minutes.

Go with the Intergroup Rep. or GSR to see what the meetings are all about. Become the Alternate. You’ll be with the “winners”, the ones who are active in service. 60-90 minutes per month.

Donate your old Grapevines to Corrections or Detox.  5 minutes and a good feeling.

Be the greeter at your Home Group – one of the best jobs. 15 minutes.

Write to a loner, prisoner or someone in a remote community. You could be saving another life as well as your own. 15- ? minutes.

Get a car load together and attend a meeting in a smaller community such as Cedar or Ladysmith. Build Unity by inviting their members to your  Home Group. Again, you’ll get the meeting before the meeting and the meeting after.  90+ minutes.

Become a backup for the afternoon phone shifts. 1-4pm Mondays to Fridays.

Leave Grapevines or AA pamphlets at your doctor, dentist or lawyer’s offices.

That takes no time at all and spreads the message to professionals.

Lyla M.