Fall Meeting Changes

October 17, 2021


  • Tuesday evening: Live and Let Live is meeting at the Nanaimo Alano Club as of Tuesday, October 19th (2371 Arbot Rd., Nanaimo)
  • Monday night: Nanaimo Step Group is meeting in-person as of October 11th (2174 Departure Bay Rd, Nanaimo)
  • Saturday evening: Back to Basics is meeting in-person as of October 9th (3137 Barons Rd., Nanaimo)
  • Sunday evening: the Mustard Seed is no longer meeting
  • Friday evening: TGIF meeting is now meeting at 7pm at Westwood Lake’s second beach (previously 8pm)
  • Friday evening: the Library Group is now meeting in-person at 7pm at the Scout Hut (445 Comox Rd., Nanaimo)
  • ‘Fiver’ Candlelight meeting is now meeting on Monday and Thursday at the Unity Church of Nanaimo (2331 East Wellington Rd, Nanaimo)


Qualicum Beach:

  • Friday evening: new meeting at 7pm Came to Believe at St. Stephen’s Church


  • Monday and Thursday evening in-person meetings have been moved to 8pm (previously 7pm)