New GSO contributions portal

Dear A.A. friends, We are very pleased to announce the launch of a newly redesigned online contributions experience available to all groups and members in the United States and Canada on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

This new redesign comes with significant improvements. Working in tandem with the team of experts assisting us with our webstore, we have created what we hope is an experience that is appealing and inviting to use for all contributors.

Our hope is to provide the most accessible and streamlined experience possible on all web-ready devices, including the ability to contribute without registering for an account and to receive instant email acknowledgments. For members who choose to register an account, both their contribution and webstore details will be available in one unified view.

We deeply thank you for your continued support and invite you to visit the new online contributions experience by visiting

With all best A.A. wishes and sincere gratitude,

Greg T.
General Manager

Area 79 $10.80 on 10/8 Challenge!

Area 79 $ 10.80 on 10/8 Challenge

In 2019 GSO provided services to 1,418,177 A.A. members at a cost
of $11,572,324. That’s $8.16 (or $10.80 Cdn) per A.A. member for the
whole year! If every member contributed $8.16 once, it would support
all of the services GSO provides to all groups, for one year!

Here’s how the challenge works:
Groups pass a Special Basket or Can in addition to the regular 7th Tradition. Each member contributes $10.80 Cdn. Individual members
can send money or contribute online any time. Remember this is in
addition to what you put in the basket to support your group.
$ 10.80 Cdn on 10/8 — easy to remember!

October 8th each group collects the contents of the can or basket and
writes a check (or money order) ** for the amount contributed. Cut on
dotted line and be sure to enclose form with your payment to get credit
for your contribution.

Send your share.
Meet the Challenge!

Service Position – Remote Communities Chair

Remote Communities Chair for District 7
This position can be filled by anyone from District 5 or 7. It is suggested to have 2 years sobriety but we are open minded.

The position entails connecting individual/groups to AA that may have barriers such as geography, physical limitations, language, etc. You would report to District 5 and 7 for the monthly District meeting and cooperate with the other committees.

To learn email Lorelei L, DCM District 7

**CANCELLED** Victoria Big Book Study

  • LOCATION: South Vancouver Island Ranger Station, 3498 Luxton Road, VICTORIA, BC
  • DATES: August 28, 29 & 30th, 2020
  • GUEST SPEAKERS: Mari  G. (Toronto)  & Mike  S. (California)
  • TICKETS:  $50 per person

CONTACTS: Jim K. (250-480-8546}  Jeff E. (250-507-1159}  Hank F. (250-881-6159} Camping available on site: Glenn F. (250-888-7141)

Site will be open on Friday at noon for campers to register & setup. Formal event will commence Friday evening at 7pm in main building. Saturday event will open at 8am with lunch at noon (provided) Commence again at lpm  with dinner at Spm (provided) Sunday open at 8am with  event starting at 9am till noon.

Raffle prizes, concession on site