Intergroup positions available

There are currently two positions available: Archives Chair and Newsletter Chair.

Please see the job descriptions below and attend our next Operating Committee meeting (Wed., Jan.26th at 6:30pm; same Zoom login ID and password as the Intergroup meeting), Intergroup meeting (Wed., Jan. 12th at 6:30pm) or contact the Intergroup Chair for more information.

Archives Chair:
Receive, classify, and index all relevant material, correspondence, and literary works and
artefacts considered to have historical importance to Alcoholics Anonymous in the mid-Island
area. May be asked to provide presentations for special events.
1-year term.
Probable time commitment is 6-8 hours a month.
Suggested length of sobriety is two years

Newsletter Chair:
The Newsletter Chair shall prepare all content layout and design for the Pass It On newsletter, collecting announcements from Intergroup Office, coordinating submissions from members and/or GSO approved content. The newsletter is published several times a year.
1-year term.
Probable time commitment would be 12 hours every 2 months.
Suggested length of sobriety is two years