Area 79 $10.80 on 10/8 Challenge!

Area 79 $ 10.80 on 10/8 Challenge

In 2019 GSO provided services to 1,418,177 A.A. members at a cost
of $11,572,324. That’s $8.16 (or $10.80 Cdn) per A.A. member for the
whole year! If every member contributed $8.16 once, it would support
all of the services GSO provides to all groups, for one year!

Here’s how the challenge works:
Groups pass a Special Basket or Can in addition to the regular 7th Tradition. Each member contributes $10.80 Cdn. Individual members
can send money or contribute online any time. Remember this is in
addition to what you put in the basket to support your group.
$ 10.80 Cdn on 10/8 — easy to remember!

October 8th each group collects the contents of the can or basket and
writes a check (or money order) ** for the amount contributed. Cut on
dotted line and be sure to enclose form with your payment to get credit
for your contribution.

Send your share.
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