Motion release PI from Intergroup has passed


To release Public Information (PI)as an Intergroup Committee allowing it potentially to become a committee in District 5.

History or Current Practice

When District 7 was divided and District 5 was formed in 1996-97, the Central Office was operating out of the train station in downtown Nanaimo with a telephone and volunteer staff. Their main function was to answer the phone and distribute literature. With the assignment of committees, it was decided to leave these duties with Central Office as the PI Committee, and Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) would become part of District 5. Among the responsibilities that have grown over the years is that PI now arranges speakers for schools so that young people are given the opportunity to receive the message of sobriety. Intergroup has not been able to recruit a PI Coordinator and is not currently providing this service

If Passed

Intergroup will no longer be responsible for arranging PI duties, and it is hoped that District 5 is willing to assume this committee.

If Not Passed

The loss of life, health and wellness among our youth because of not learning about Alcoholics Anonymous at an early age will continue as we fail to provide an important message throughout the community.

For Further Consideration

There is considerable overlap between these committees. If District 5 is willing to accept PI and combine it with CPC, the hope is that one Chairperson overseeing both would allow for a greater and more effective spread of information among professionals and young people.

Process of Approval

If 75% of the Representatives present at this meeting pass this motion, the next step is to bring the information back to the Groups letting them know there will be discussion at the next Intergroup meeting and a vote at the following intergroup meeting. The motion will be circulated to Groups through the mail folders and Intergroup Representatives and posted on the Website.